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Toilet Seat Hook

Toilet Seat Hook

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Key Features

* holds the toilet seat up in an upright position

* effective for wooden toilet seats and covered lids

* white colour blends in with toilet cistern

* discreet design means not usually noticed

* adjustable length for different designs and styles of toilet

* suction cup secures to toilet

* can be used with one hand

* easily removed if required



Wooden toilet seats are deservedly popular because they look attractive, are warm in winter, and are cool in summer. However they have one disadvantage. They are thicker than the plastic seats they replace and consequently when the toilet seat and lid are lifted up, they do not stay in place and can fall which can damage the toilet or potentially cause embarassment or injury. Many toilet lids are covered with decorative covers to make them look nicer. However these have the same disadvantage- the increased thickness can prevent the toilet seat and lid remaining upright of their own accord.


We have developed the toilet seat hook to solve this problem. The hook attaches to the toilet with a suction cup. There is a length of elastic which is adjustable in length to enable it to be used with a variety of different toilet styles and designs. The hook is white and is not noticeable when not in use. The hook can be attached and removed with one hand for ease of use.

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