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3D Printed Ornamental Swirly Vase

3D Printed Ornamental Swirly Vase

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  • stylish and decorative vase in a choice of colours
  • suitable for dried flowers and artificial decorations only
  • brightens up any room

This is a 3D Printed Swirl Vase in a choice of colours to meet your design and mood. Made from PLA material which is a biodegradable plastic. Unfortunately the 3d printing technique means this vase cannot hold water- it will leak.

The vase is lightweight and may need weight added to the base to keep flowers or decorations in place. The vase is 15cm tall and is 10cm and its widest part.

These are individually made and so there may be slight imperfections, but all vases are checked before sending and no defect will detract from the overall aesthetics of the product.

Note. Design by Eric Connelly of Connecticut, USA. Made under licence.

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