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Musmate Walking Aid for the Left Leg

Musmate Walking Aid for the Left Leg

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Harness Size
The Musmate Walking Aid Complete Set for the Left Leg
This is suitable for people who have walking problems with their left leg. The complete set has contains the following components:

shoulder harness for the left leg
shoulder pad
detachable waist belt
elastic assembly for the left leg
shoe harnesses for the left leg
shoelace connector
instruction sheet

There are three sizes of shoulder harness- small, small, medium, large:
The small one will fit people whose height is between 120cm (3'11"") and 175cm (5'10"") and chest (or hips) up to 90cm (35"").
The medium size fits people up to 200cm (6'6"") in height and 110cm (43"") over the chest or hips.
The large one is suitable for people over these dimensions.

There are two sizes of shoe harness.

The ladies' shoe harness is suitable for most ladies;
The men's size is for men.

We are happy to provide guidance on sizing and to exchange harnesses should the sizing be incorrect.
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