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Further Information on the Musmate Walking Aid

Further Information on the Musmate Walking Aid

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Musmate Walking Aid

he Musmate Walking Aid was developed by people with multiple sclerosis to help them to walk. People who have had a stroke also find it beneficial. It helps with the dropping of your foot, assists the bending of your knee and can make swinging your leg forward easier. It is available in a range of sizes and colours and has a 30-day free trial to ensure it is right for you!

Results Summary

When the test started, the mean walking speed of the group was 0.98 mph, which rose to 1.43 mph when the Musmate was initially fitted. The T-Test result was 6.194 with a 2-tailed significance of 0.000 indicating that this difference is very significant. After one month, the walking speed without the Musmate had increased to an average (mean) 1.28 mph (T-test 3.371, significance 0.003) and with the Musmate to 1.63 mph (T-test 2.828, significance 0.013). Comparison of the initial walking speed without the Musmate and the final speed with it, yielded a difference of 0.65 mph (T-test 5.795, significance 0.000) . All these differences are statistically very significant. The mean test results for the work are shown in Figure 1.

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