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Benristraps 19mm Heavy-Duty Webbing and Branded Buckle Sets for Straps, Bags, Crafts

Benristraps 19mm Heavy-Duty Webbing and Branded Buckle Sets for Straps, Bags, Crafts

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This polypropylene webbing is a quality heavy-duty UK-made product with a flexible and smooth weave for a strong and attractive finish. You can choose from different colours.

A selection of buckles to give a wide range of options for webbing and bag straps, belts, craft fittings, pet accessories, and DIY activities

Assemble products by sewing or riveting. Cut ends can be heat-sealed with a lighter or hot knife for neatness and to avoid fraying

Design your own products for storage and organisation or save money and make standard luggage and bag straps. Use the webbing for binding, strapping, and tying up bundles.

This is a convenient set for those wishing to make products with webbing and/ or buckles.  You can make your own products in a wide range of opportunities, from pet accessories such as dog leads and collars.  Bag, organisational and luggage straps can be made to your own design and length requirements. Plastic belts for airport-use and bicycle accessories are possible. The webbing can also be used in its own right for strapping, tying up bundles of goods, and as a binding in sewing projects.  Buckles and webbing are available separately.

There is a ten metre roll of 19mm webbing and a selection of 19mm buckles.  The buckles are:

  • five swivel snap hooks
  • five D rings
  • five square rings (also called rectangular loops)
  • five ladderlock buckles
  • five triglides (also called sliders or length-adjusting buckles)
  • five side release (also called quick release) buckles
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