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Benristraps 50mm Polypropylene Webbing

Benristraps 50mm Polypropylene Webbing

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Benristraps 50mm Polypropylene Webbing is UK-made polypropylene webbing which is 50mm (2")wide and available in a choice of colours and lengths. This webbing is often used to make straps, handles, and used as a binding. Polypropylene webbing is available in a range of colours. It is highly resistant to chemicals, has a high tensile strength, good resistance to abrasion, and is not affected by moisture. It is lighter than water and will float. Whilst it is not suitable for high temperature uses, it retains its flexibility down to -70oC. Polypropylene is inert to most common chemicals. Benristraps 50mm Polypropylene Webbing is available in a five metre roll.

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