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Benristraps Luggage Strap

Benristraps Luggage Strap

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The Benristraps Luggage Strap for suitcases is made in the UK. It is 2 metres (6' 6") long and 50mm (2") wide. There is a length-adjusting triglide buckle and a quick release buckle attached to the strap. The design is such that there is no free end to become entangled in the luggage moving system at airports. 

The Benristraps Luggage Strap is available in a range of colours.  It will keep your suitcase closed and you will be able to identify your suitcase more easily on airport carousels and in hotels.  The Benristraps Luggage Strap for suitcases is a quality travel belt for suitcases.

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