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Benristraps 38mm Bag Strap with Metal Buckles and Shoulder Pad, 150cm

Benristraps 38mm Bag Strap with Metal Buckles and Shoulder Pad, 150cm

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The Benristraps 38mm Bag Strap with Metal Buckles and Shoulder Pad, 150cm is a replacement wide black bag strap with clips or crossbody strap with clips which is 380mm (1 1/2") wide and and is adjustable from 80cm (30") to 150cm (60").  There is a shoulder pad for comfort and on each side of the pad is a length-adjusting slider clip in a smooth modern design so that the bag strap is fully adjustable whilst keeping the shoulder pad where you want it.  The metal bag strap hooks have a retaining clip, are blackened, and can rotate to avoid tangling the bag strap.

They are carefully made in the UK in our workshop from UK-made webbing and high-quality bag strap clips for a durable, reliable, wide and comfortable strap for bags.

 We have a range of bag strap colours, including black, white, grey, red, yellow green, olive, emerald, blue, navy blue, pink, beige colour carrying straps for bags.

These bag straps with clips are wide for comfort and can be replacement bag straps for handbags, or laptop case strap replacements. They are long enough to be handbag strap crossbody replacements, shoulder straps, shoulder bag straps.

These webbing straps for bags are ideal as hand bag straps, laptop bag straps, duffel bag straps, travel bag straps, luggage straps, suitcase straps, travel bag straps, sports equipment bag straps, messenger bag straps, laptop straps, garment bag straps, handbag bag straps. camera bag straps, or briefcase bag straps. They are bag straps for women, bag straps for men, handbag shoulder straps, and they are long bag straps. Their length makes them suitable for cross body straps, adjustable bag straps, carry straps, hand luggage straps, padded shoulder straps, and detachable bag straps.

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