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Benristraps 25mm Plastic D Ring (Pack of 5)

Benristraps 25mm Plastic D Ring (Pack of 5)

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  • Black plastic D ring sized to fit 25mm webbing for haberdashery, bags, repairs
  • Use for double D ring belts, grab points, and as fixing points for bags

These are often used as a smart end to a piece of webbing. They can be added to prevent webbing going back through another buckle or to provide a means of gripping webbing event webbing from slipping though a hole, ring or buckle due to its width being greater than that of the webbing to which it is attached. D rings are often sewn to bags, rucksacks, and belts so that belts, straps, and items can be attached to the bag easily and quickly.

These D rings are made from black plastic. We do have other sizes listed on our website.

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