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25mm Hook & Loop Hanging Strap with Snap Buckle (Pair)

25mm Hook & Loop Hanging Strap with Snap Buckle (Pair)

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[ decluttering and tidying ] These straps can help you tidy up offices, garages, workshops, sheds, industrial units by enabling you to hang items easily and safely

[ colour coding ] these straps are colour-coded so that items can be individually identified quickly and easily. Different departments can use different colours and so too can individuals. Other schemes can be adopted as well

[ strength ] these straps can hold five kilograms easily. Please ensure that fixings such as rafters can safely carry the loading 

[simplicity] these straps are attached to items with hook and loop fastenings and there is a black tab to hold to open and close the fastening. The buckle rotates and has a safety catch on the hook. 

Places like garages, sheds, and workshops are heavily used and have a lot of equipment in them. They easily get cluttered, items get lost, and accidents can happen.  This is a pack of two hanging straps which have a large plastic hook and a loop of hook and loop material.  You can attach these straps to items with the hook and loop strap then hang the items up using the plastic hook on the end.  These straps are available in a range of colours and in one length which is about 30cm long. The straps can hold about 5kg of load, although do ensure rafters and wall fastenings are not overloaded.

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