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Benristraps 10 Pack 25mm Hook & Loop Adjustable Cinch Straps with Buckles; Reusable Cable Ties

Benristraps 10 Pack 25mm Hook & Loop Adjustable Cinch Straps with Buckles; Reusable Cable Ties

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  • Strong and Durable: Each cable strap is heavy-duty and made to hold tight with premium hook and loop tape and a stabilising buckle. Secure and store everything neatly and safely. Detangle and secure cables under your desk, tidy up your appliance power cords on your kitchen counter and organise tools in your garage.
  • Variety of Lengths: Choose from 18cm (7"), 25cm (9"), 35cm (14"), 50cm (20"), 75cm (30"), 100cm (39") - and the best part is these can be hooked end to end to expand the length! You can also punch holes in them - like for screwing to the backs of frames or sew to fabric to add straps to bags. Limitless possibilities here!
  • Multi-Functional Cable Ties: Reusable for a variety of storage and project needs - use to wrap foam around your weight bar or secure your gym bag, hold your bike lock or your saddlebag to your motorcycle, bundle items together like books, art supplies and tools, band boxes or containers and organise junk drawer stuff!
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors: Great for extension cords, pc accessories for under desk cables and management of the tangled mess behind your TV! But also great outside - secure plants and trees to garden stakes, use as hooks for garden tools in the shed and arrange and secure outdoor light displays!
  • Choice of Black or Coloured Ends: Both are sleek, but you can write on the coloured end with a felt pen or permanent marker so you’ll always know at a glance which cord is which! Or order both and assign one colour to power cables and black to connector cables! No matter how you use them, the fact is - you’ll use them! They’re very handy.

Keep your gear organised and secure with this versatile 10 piece set of Benristraps 25mm (1") wide hook and loop cinch straps. Great for a wide variety of uses, these sturdy straps feature a hook and loop closure that provides a strong, customisable hold on items. Use them to attach sleeping bags, pads and tents to your backpack or cinch down motorcycle helmets, bags, and other equipment.

With this set of 10 straps, you'll have plenty of options to work with and you can choose from various lengths including - 18cm (7"), 25cm (9"), 35cm (14"), 50cm (20"), 75cm (30") or 100cm (39") - to fit all of your organisational needs. These straps are available in an all black colour or a black with blue end combination - plus, the blue end stands out more and you can also use it as a write-on label.

These heavy-duty straps stand up to repeated use and can be joined together to easily accommodate larger items when needed. Convenient and reusable, Benristraps 10 Pack 25mm Hook & Loop Adjustable Cinch Straps are a must-have accessory for homeowners, mechanics, electricians, hikers, campers, travellers, motorcyclists, and anyone needing to keep their gear in order. Order yours today!

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