Collection: Hook and Loop Straps

We carry a comprehensive selection of hook and loop straps.  These are adjustable in length and are reusable. Simply detach and reuse elsewhere. They can be joined together to make longer straps if required. The short straps are ideal as cable ties, cable tidies, and cable straps.  They can be used to tidy up electrical cables and sort out the back of TVs and entertainment centres. Long hook and loop straps are better for other jobs 

Our premium range are heavy duty straps for tough jobs, featuring metal clips and often have extra-wide and extra-long straps for strength.

We sell hook and loop straps in black, white, red, yellow, green, and blue. We also have straps in black with white, red, yellow, green, and blue ends.  This enables you to colour-code straps by length or function. You can also write on the coloured ends to indicate contents or purposes.

Our elastic hook and loop straps combine the convenience of hook and loop straps with the functionality of elastic straps. Their versatility means they are often used in attaching medical supports and bandages. 

Our straps have many uses in the home, garden, office, workshop or garage. Use them to attach items such as locks to bicycles, tidy up PC cables, attach plants to stakes or walls. Keep boxes securely closed, bundles fixed, and bags tidied up. You will be amazed at how may uses these straps have.